In this HOWTO, we’ll go over the 3 phases to get from great idea to awesome product.

The focus here will be on electronics devices and software applications, so the examples and discussion will revolve around hardware, components and such but most of the points will be useful whenever you are planning to create some kind of product or service–especially if you are getting help from consultants.

The three steps to follow in order to reduce costs, speed up delivery and wind up with exactly what you are looking for are:

  1. Refine your idea, by elaborating on the concept, audience and function of your device;
  2. Set the specific goal for the project: is this a proof of principle, are you looking for a few prototypes or are you aiming to be mass production ready asap;
  3. Sort your priorities and specify all the information designers and engineers need, in a form they can understand to make the best decisions at every step of development.

The final part of this HOWTO also covers what to expect during development, specifically for consulting with us but the process will be similar with most quality consultancies.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any comments or questions, or if you’re ready to create your electronics or software project!